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I am Mihai Bacrau – Professional Industrial Designer
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Industrial Design &

Product Development

Tune up your projects with memorable industrial design and bring the products to life. From sketch to prototype, I help my clients to develop new products for our continuous adaptive world.
I are here to study the latest design trends and create trustful products worthy for today’s competitive market by making the bridge between the design requirements and technical possibilities.

Mihai has an amazing ability to take a rough product concept and turn it into a well designed and very functional end product. He understands the nuances of plastic fabrication and production processes, so his designs are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also designed for ease of fabrication.

George Hill

Sagitto Ltd

It's been a real pleasure to work with Mihai! He understood very quiclky our needs, our brand DNA. He showed creativity, outstanding communication skills and patience. At the end we complete the work as a real team work with different iteration and a result we are really pleased with. I do recommend and will keep working with Mihai!

Raphael Vullierme

Luko Cover SAS

Mihai is an extraordinary industrial designer and he created a design we love. Thank you mihai we will work with you soon.

Zevi Kramer

Coolstuff4cars Inc

I can't stress enough how talented, knowledgable and helpful Mihai is. It was a pure pleasure working with him all the way. Mihai took a simple design, improved it drastically and made it a reality. Highly recommended. We're definitely going to use Mihai in the future.

Ruben Rehn


It was a delight working with Mihai! Mihai is very experienced and a true professional. This became apparent whilst working with him as he was able to guide me through the entire engineering for manufacturing design process.


ORKA Products Limited