I am a Dreamer

Brilliant ideas come when you expect less. I often get in a dreamer posture so that I can enlarge the horizons for the design process. The ideas come when we create the space for them to appear. What is the best way to go for each project? This is how I make discoveries. 

I am an Engineer

Designing products requires a multidisciplinary approach with a technical core. I am a certified Industrial Designer with a Master’s degree in Innovative Manufacturing and with plenty experience working with factories in the real world of product development.  

I am a Visionary

Industrial Design is not about drawing fancy shapes but it is far beyond that. It is about finding meaning, giving purpose, solving problems, identifying needs, defining brands, understanding the world we live in. This is what is behind the industrial design sketches.

I am an Artist

Artistry is the best way to express ourselves and I find that freestyle drawing is the best way to explore and define product concepts. This way I have the full imaginative power to define the new products at their best potential.