Digital Alarm Clock

The digital clock was designed to be a helpful tool for families, especially for the elders. The clock features big signage, big buttons, loud speakers so that people with problems can interact with the product. The special programs like reminders and voice recording, can turn it in a personalized product that can assist elders with the voice of the loved ones instead of annoying beeping alarms. The product is destined to be a product that is accessible for any user and to bring peace of mind.

Digital clock rendering on white background
Back view for modern clock menu
Photo integration rendering for clock product
Minimal design for menu with buttons
Modern clock in kitchen
Realistic digital clock rendering

Product Background

The product required an interface that is intuitive, easy to learn and memorable. For this the back menu was specially considered with alternating shapes and colors, with logically displayed buttons and clear texts and icons. This way the product can be a helpful tool and can be used by any social category.

The top buttons is the first menu with which the user can interact in the easiest way. For example the Time button can speak the time so that the people with poor eyesight can hear the time.