Eleny Home Firewall

Eleny is a physical firewall product that connects to your internet router and protects the connections for all your smart devices. It is capable to detect all the devices in your network automatically and stores passwords safely for each of them. The AI continuously adapts as new security vulnerabilities are discovered. It has features like blacklist for intruders or hackers, quarantine for vulnerable devices, monitoring the web for new threats. Eleny has visual and audio communication that creates a pleasant and easy to use experience.

Sketch for Eleny device
Eleny firewall on a marble stand
Render for back of orange device
Product close detail shot for speaker
Render back detail orange

Product Background

The cybersecurity is often neglected and is treated as an optional feature for our homes. One of the reasons for this is because that there are advanced software configurations for traditional firewall software that are not accessible for everybody. Eleny comes with a physical intelligent self adapting product to make this at hand.

I designed this special enclosure for Eleny that has the ambient status light on the base and a speaker on the front side. The appearance is slick and contemporary and blends in modern living spaces due it's decorative stature.