Non Invasive Glucose Meter

DiaMonTech has developed a non-invasive glucose meter device that will be a game changer. There is no finger pricking or test strip in the process. The painful method is replaced by an innovative technology based on infrared readings that can count glucose molecules beneath the skin. The product launch is planned for 2020 and currently there are testings happening with prototypes. The pocket size device can be carried with ease and can do as many readings as desired.

Rendering showing the parts of the pocket device for glucose reading

Product Background

"Diabetes is a global challenge. More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from the disease. Our goal is to make checking your blood glucose level as easy as unlocking your phone. You will be able to get measurements throughout the day without pain or extra costs. Diabetologists suggest that more frequent blood glucose measurements can lead to better overall diabetes management and less diabetes-related illnesses. Until there’s a cure for diabetes, DiaMonTech can make living with it much easier." - DiaMonTech

I designed an enclosure with a soft feel for the D-POCKET device that is meant to be in contrast with the harsh pricking process. This suggests a relief on how the painful traditional method can be replaced with something sensible and non-harmful.