AZ Medical Smart Wristband

The smart wristband is can read vital signs and can be used for medical purpose or for sport activities. The product has a sensor and an electrode that are placed on the bottom case so that they can be in permanent contact with the skin to do the readings. There is also an audio jack that connects an external electrode that can be attached to the chest to read heart and breathing data. All the information is transmitted to a smart phone or to a tablet to its designated app.

Product Background

AZ Medical is a company from Sao Paolo, Brasil. They monitor the vital signs for patients that leave the hospital environment. There were many devices needed for this like weight scale, thermometer, pressure monitor, etc. so they decided to develop their own product that can do all the tasks and replace these items kit.

Since the product can be also used in fitness activities I decided to go with a neutral/sporty appearance. I created a tight assembly that holds all the electronics and the buttons inside by simply fixing the fours screws in the enclosure, without the need of having extra fixture elements inside.